Podcast and Radio

Valiant Emcee Radio is a podcast feed comprising Valiant Emcee’s podcast, radio, and livestream work, as well as any mixes he releases. Currently, he is one of the hosts of “The Prophecy” on CIUT 89.5fm, the most historically significant and longest running radio show in North American drum-n-bass at more than twenty-five years. He is also co-creator and co-host of Roti and Poutine (along with T.R.A.C. and Armanni Reign), a live-streaming talk show on Twitch, that is archived on both YouTube and as a podcast. Previous to that show, Valiant Emcee created The Vocal, a podcast that was also broadcast on the legendary Kool London, on which he interviewed some of the biggest vocalists and MC’s in the industry.

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