Mr. Brown

Fabio. Storm. Flight. Dieselboy. Bailey. All of them are world renowned drum-n-bass DJ’s whose fame and legacies were cemented on the basis of their skills behind the decks, an increasingly rare feat in an industry dominated by producers. Such is the case with Mr. Brown. While many producers with some hit tunes go through the motions behind turntables and a mixer at raves and clubs, Mr. Brown is the real deal. He elevates the title of the DJ by treating it like the art that it is. He doesn’t pre-program his sets. He doesn’t hit “sync”. He simply arrives, destroys the dance, and leaves a pile of rubble in his wake. As a result, he has become one of the finest drum-n-bass DJ’s in North America, in the undisputed continental drum-n-bass capital, Toronto, Canada.

It’s difficult to explain just how vital Mr. Brown is to Toronto. As the world’s biggest and most talent-filled drum-n-bass scene outside of England, he is one of its most important members. As a DJ, his sets are the stuff of Toronto legend. Technically sublime, his ability to read the crowd and select exactly the what it needs it second to none, and he frequently partners with the mighty Marcus Visionary (Liondub Recordings, Inner City Dance) for their infamous back2back marathon sets. In addition to being one of the most in-demand DJ’s in Canada, he is a promoter who’s brought in the world’s biggest and most talented artists this his various production companies: Soul In Motion, ForwardDNB, Heavyweight, Junglist Movement, Compound, Detour, Massive, and the hallowed Church Sundays. In fact, many international headliners who play large events in Toronto on a given weekend, will traditionally stay an extra night just to play Church. Mr. Brown is also one of Toronto’s most prominent voices as host of the internationally respected Prophecy FM, North America’s longest running drum-n-bass radio show. His years of hard work and his well deserved reputation have earned him a spot on every producer’s promo list long before they see official release. Indeed, he has risen to become Toronto’s drum-n-bass emissary, and one of Canada’s musical ambassadors.

As a result of his inimitable DJ skills and his incredibly influential role as a global musical tastemaker, Mr. Brown has become one of the most respected DJs in the world. He’s been booked across North America and Europe, and even in the heartland of drum-n-bass itself, London UK. After releasing a mix with the UK legend 2 Shy MC, and a highly regarded mix through DJ Mag (with 2 Shy returning to record the intro), he was hand picked by Hospital Records to handle the promotional mix for their “Future Sound of Canada” LP. Indeed, his DJ career is steadily picking up even more steam, with even bigger things on the way.

Below are Mr. Brown’s photo gallery, Mixcloud and Facebook links, downloadable electronic press kit, and his “Future Sound of Canada” and DJ Mag mixes. Booking requests for Mr. Brown solo or with Valiant Emcee as Northern Prophets can be made on the contact page.

Mr. Brown Photo Gallery



Mr Brown EPK


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