Allday has made quite a name for himself in a short time in Upstate New York. Hailing from the Queen City, Buffalo NY, he has made himself a fixture on the city’s drum-n-bass and bass music scenes. Having developed a reputation for being a bit of a musical chameleon, he’s managed to deliver his trademark rabble rousing sets before every facet of the Buffalo’s electronic music scene and beyond, in ways that few other DJ’s have done. With a selection that includes jump up, ragga, liquid funk, half-time, hip hop, and everything in between, he’s been featured prominently at an incredible variety of events in the region. In addition to being a regular selector for Criminal Sound’s BDNB, bass prophets Frosty Tone, and rave dons Rinse 716, his bookings at multimedia arts festivals such as Robbie Takac’s Music Is Art, the Witches’ Ball, Donnaroo, Bass Mountain, and Madd Tiki’s Guerilla Art and Winter Luau, are a testament to his broad appeal. He’s even been featured by house music warriors Igloo Music, and is landing gigs for promoters across Upstate New York and Canada, including the mighty RUN DNB at Thymless in Toronto. A noted enthusiast of the turntable, Allday believes strongly in transmitting his music through a needle and tone arm. In the tradition of Andy C and DJ Marky, he dispatches turntablism like a strategic weapon, and often likes to indulge his penchant for vinyl sets. Last year, he released a mix with Buffalo’s Valiant Emcee called “Queen City”, which neatly showcases Allday’s skills, and continues to churn out cone-shredding mixes regularly. He’s been playing a number of his own mashups in his sets, which have been met with great acclaim. He’s been picked by Dutty Bass Audio to handle the promotional mix for Valiant Emcee’s “The Ronin” EP, due out in July ’18. And most recently, he’s been handed the managerial role of rave promoter Rinse 716. Like Valiant Emcee says, “We do it ALLDAY, we gonna take it higher, burnin’ down the room, gasoline on the fire!” Gasoline on the fire indeed.

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